My entire family has embraced a healthy lifestyle!

My entire family has embraced a healthy lifestyle!

WOW! I feel so ALIVE! My vibe is new, effervescent, and vibrant! This program is beyond anything I could have expected.

I am over the moon for this program! What a game changer! I have been on this roller coaster of healthy living for decades and nothing has provided the kind of solid foundation I found in the SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge. Initially my goal was to lose weight and boy did I ever and then some… I sleep so deep, my stress levels have come way down, my entire family has embraced a healthy lifestyle, my skin glows, my jeans fit, my energy is up, I no longer have vague body aches, my hair and nails are stronger, the list goes on and on (trust me, I’ve got a journal full of this stuff!). I feel like I got in touch with who I am again and I am forever grateful to Carmen Marshall and all the SexyFit™ Coaches for encouraging me and guiding me to what is ultimately the most powerful change I have made in my health to date. I was blown away by the results of this incredible challenge.

The Aglia family is SexyFit

My belly fat is melting off! The pic on the left was taken 2 weeks prior to starting the SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge. The one on the right taken today. I’m so excited to be on this journey, it’s been a very deep and wonderful experience getting to know myself again!!

I feel brand new, energized, and absolutely happy inside and out. SexyFit™ is the program that has finally put me on the path towards a lifetime of positive & healthy habits.

Eric and Corrie Aglia


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